Audu Maikori

The Entrepreneur's Manual

Audu Maikori is a Business Leader, a Nigeria lawyer, a public speaker and a creative industry professional.He is the co-founder and president of Chocolate City Entertainment, one of Africa’s biggest media & entertainment companies.

He has bagged multiple awards including the International Young Music Entrepreneur of the year in 2007. His business leadership expertise has earned him International recognition for his brand and a global audience.

Today, Audu’s goal and passion is to guide emerging entrepreneurs to build sustainable and viable businesses using the vehicle of mentorship.

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01. Collaboration - Start Small 5:00

02. Collaboration-The principle of the pie. 5:00

03. Collaborations and Contracts 5:00

04. Partnership Fundamentals 5:00

05. Partnerships-Roles and Responsibilities 5:00

06. Entrepreneurship- Purpose or Profit 5:00

07. Building the Right Team 5:00

Audu Maikori

Business Building Blocks

Audu Maikori is a Business Leadership coach whose passion is to assist and guide entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by:

-Helping business owners clarify their business vision and it’s fit with their personal goals.
-To position the business from where it is presently to where the entrepreneur needs it to be.

His daily Prime Nuggets will teach you the business building blocks you should know and adopt.

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