Cecilia Agu.

Heal & Revamp Your Relationship.

Cecilia May Agu is an intimacy coach and founder of bedroom matters international. Cecilia is very passionate about building happy homes using Godly principles. She’s honest and takes a NO-NONSENSE tough love approach to all marital and pre-marital issues.

Cecilia is one of the most sort after speakers on intimacy & sex who speaks to a wide range of audience about God, marriage and sex. 

She is the creator of THE FIRST COUPLE’S GAME CARDS IN AFRICA and author of 3 books “5 sizzling sex positions, 8 sex languages & 15 fun activities for couples” . She has featured at the BESPOKE LIFESTYLE SOCIAL, THE WOMEN WITH STORIES which was featured on the GUARDIAN WOMAN, TedX, House on the rock church Abuja, HOW TO MAKE LOVE CONFERENCE and so much more!

she is married to Amanna Agu, and they are blessed with 4 adorable children

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01. Creating transparency and its effect on your marriage. 5:00

02. Learning to forgive yourself. 5:00

03. How to manage outbursts and backlashes. 5:00

04. Affirmations Continues 5:00

05. Counselling or Therapy 5:00

06. The importance of having the right attitude and mindset.. 5:00

07. Your circle of influence 5:00

Cecilia Agu

Learn and Appply My Proven steps to Overcome Infidelity in Your Relationship.

Cecilia has helped over 10,000 couples add spice and sizzle to their marriage.

From being a rape survivor who hated sex in the early years of marriage, she rose to become the BEDROOM MATTERS BOSS, serving the world with her MESSage.

Her daily Prime Nuggets was specifically created for anyone experiencing the woes of infidelity in their marriage.

These nuggets contain daily mentoring videos that is loaded with practical hacks to make you overcome infidelity and revamp your marriage.

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