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Sowole Oluwanifemi
(CEO, Beautiful Mind NG)

Dr. May is a goal-getter, her passion for mental health advocacy is one to emulate, she is a visionary birthing so many mediums and platforms where individuals and professionals can feel safe to talk about their mental health struggles. Dr. May is a woman of purpose creating, blazing the trails when it comes to mental health.

Ayomide Ogunkeye

Dr. Maymunah Kadiri is an astute physician. Her passion for mental health & the well being of individuals shines through in her work both as the MD of Pinnacle Medical Services and through the psycho education she offers on various media platforms. She is a trailblazer leading the way in the mental health field in Nigeria and an exemplary leader who is keen on bringing out the best of everyone who has the pleasure of working with her.



Omishola Esther
(Clinical Psychologist)

I have known Dr Maymunah for over 4 months now and I must say that I admire a lot of things about her and those things have been my own source of motivation. Her charisma, her business acumen, her non- sentimental attitude, her zeal to help others career and her leadership skills has really been things that dazed me about her person. She is indeed a role model.


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