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Christmas Abott's proven BBX workout system for not just a great body, but a longterm lifestyle change.

Brand NEW 4 - stage workout program assess your fun & unique workout fitness and find the perfect workout level for you.

Designed to get you leaner, fitter and more toned.


Christina Nelson

"I've found more motivation and positive changes in my life thanks to Christmas Abbott's BBX Program! This is my transformation after just 90 Days - I could not believe it!"

Jillian Taylor

"I have a fire lit under me now – I feel like a new me! The me I’ve been working very hard to be for a long time, but I just didn’t have the right tools until now. I can’t wait to keep improving – thank you Christmas!"

Meghan Ryan

"My journey started in March and I truly feel like a different person now. With Christmas’s workouts & nutritional guide, I’m finally seeing some changes in those stubborn glutes & abs and gaining crazy strength everywhere! Thank you so much Christmas!"


Love every workout

Brand NEW features that make working out effortless! Click through the interactive exercises as you train and the app times you automatically.

Personal trainer in your pocket

Whenever you want to train with me, just pick up your phone and go! You can even download the videos to your phone for when you don’t have internet.

49+ brand NEW BBX workouts

I've designed an all-new workout program exclusively for the app! Get all my most popular BBX workout routines, plus 49 totally NEW fun and intense routines I’ve created just for you.

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