Nnanke Essien

Find out what resillient businesses do differently.

Asides being an HR professional, Nnanke is also the Founder and Lead Strategist at SiSa, an experience improvement company focused on repositioning African brands for market takeover, providing consultancy services for businesses and entrepreneurs, helping to optimise people management systems, internal processes and culture while providing unique market strategies for niche domination.

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01. Solving Performance Gaps 5:00

02. Stimulating Growth amongst your leaders. 5:00

03. Your leaders personality 5:00

04. Your leaders personality 2 5:00

05. Ideas Platforms 5:00

06. Knowledge Sharing Sessions 5:00

07. Building Metrics 5:00

Nnanke Essien

Discover what resilient businesses do differently

Nnanke through the daily videos would help you achieve improved employee performance, strengthened internal processes, business clarity, people management systems, process flow development, culture and strategy alignment and ensure all internal and external stakeholders practices align with your business or company’s overall values and revenue generation objectives.

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