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Nnanke Essien's daily Prime Nuggets are proven strategies not just for building resilient businesses, but delivering transformational change to your organization.

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How to Build a Resillient Business

CEO, Abinibi Events Cottage

"Just a few minutes with Nnanke, I realized I was doing a lot of things wrongly and I started to pick up my pieces and put structures and processes in place and I realized I needed to position my business more strategically. I took up the advice that she gave me then and VIOLA here I am, my brand Abinibi Events Cottage is one of the fastest events growing companies in Nigeria and we are doing something phenomenal at every point we are given the opportunity to serve"

Oshuware Yvonne Leon,
CEO Bon Delice

"Working with Nnanke over 18 months she has helped to give me clarity in the brand positioning and in the perception of the business that in want to put in the heart of my clients and prospects. . She has an uncanny way of taking your essence and taking what you struggle so hard to communicate and help you to translate and transcribe them. She is not your regular coach. She sets you on your journey to achieving your purpose. She is the lady you need for your business to thrive and have a smooth journey in your success story..!"

Nnanke subs


Ukeje Chigozie

Nnanke is the go-to person if you want to quit playing average. My one-time conversation with her left me to having so many cards that I can play to improve my outcomes. What astonished me was her ability to give insightful solutions at speed of light like it’s ingrained in her DNA. I am also seeing results, if you are thinking about getting a coach for your business Nnanke Essien is the go-to person for you.

Mayowa Adeoti

I have been working with Nnanke for a while and she always delivers, towards the end of 2018 I was towards the end of my tether, so overwhelmed and confused about putting the right structures to my growing business, we had a strategy session and I can confidently say my processes are more structured, simplified and more productive for my clients and I, all thanks to Nnanke.

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