Paul Foh

Sell Anything to Anyone.

PAUL FOH IS THE CEO OF KATALYST CONSULTING A SALES TRAINING AND RECRUITING COMPANY, he is the Dean of ELITE SALES SCHOOL AND CHAIRMAN OF 3D TRANSPORT A ROAD TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. Paul Foh is a mentor at the Tony elumelu foundation, TEDx Speaker, he has guest lectured on sales at the prestigious LAGOS BUSINESS SCHOOL He has been featured on CNN, SLATE MAGAZINE and other local media outlets.

He is an author of 6 books he has been married for 12 years to his sunshine Vivian Paul Foh and together God blesses them with 3 healthy, wealthy and Godly sons.

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01. How to set and smash your sales goals - Be Specific 5:00

02. How to measure your goals. 5:00

03. How to Take Massive action towards your Sales Goals 5:00

04. How to integrate your relationships into your goals 5:00

05. How to Put a Timeframe around your goals 5:00

06. Five mental triggers that make people buy - The power of reciprocity in sale 5:00

07. The power of Social Proof 5:00

Paul Foh

Sell Anything to Anyone.

Paul is a renowned sales coach who has thousands of followers on social media.

He teaches transforming marketing and sales strategies that has helped hundreds of business and brands achieve their sales goals.

His daily Prime Nuggets will teach you the foundational principles of marketing and sales while revealing strategies that will help you achieve beyond your sales goals. 

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