Mentoring Nuggets

Create and sell multiple five minutes mentoring videos that teaches your audience what you know.


Your Benefits

Generate Passive Recurring Income

Create Passive, Recurring income without the overwhelm of Book writing or Online courses launch when your followers subscribe to your mentoring nuggets

Automated Nugget Delivery

Influence the morning routine of thousands of entreprenurs by delivering premium nuggets to them on AUTO everyday

Bond Without Stress

Social media followers can finally bond with you and receive personalized content that will have positive impact on their businesses and lives in a vibrant community without causing you OVERWHELM

Your Followers In Your Palm

Be always available at your follower's fingertips. If your follower is thinking about your services all they need to do is click on your Nuggets on their mobile phones.

Your Own Loyal Community

We provide your own loyalty Nuggets club. Which customers are most likely to buy from you again? Your existing customers. Then, why not make them feel special and invite them into your exclusive Nuggets club and provide exclusive deals and content to them?

Live Stats Anywhere

Easily view back end analysis like Total Numbers of Subscribers, Earnings, Favorite Nuggets easily

Start Monetizing Your Skills

Start selling your mentoring videos to your followers for a monthly subscription fee.

No tech skills needed

No design skills needed

Simple to use

Habit-forming Nuggets

Create your five minutes best selling mentoring video nuggets that will be automatically delivered to your subscribers phone every morning.

Day 1 Nugget

Day 2 Nugget

Day 3 Nugget

Day 4 Nugget

Day 5 Nugget

Day 6 Nugget

Day 7 Nugget

Day 8 Nugget

and many more…

Beautiful User Mobile Interface

Fully Branded to you With your White labelled Nuggets area, you will always be at your client's fingertips. You can get your own branded Nuggets Subscribers area with your Nuggets name and Brand Logo. Fully Customizable Customize your Nuggets background image, profile image and general color theme. You'll also be able to customize the sidebar menu items and change their names!

You are in control to modify nuggets

100% visually appealing


Features your customers will love

Start their Day Right

Your subscribers can now start their mornings on the best frequency after consuming a PRIME Nugget from YOU first thing in the morning.

A Safe Haven For Like Minds

Entrepreneurs can network and mingle with like-minds with the same interest in your PRIME Nugget community

True Empowerment

PRIME Nuggets can greatly increase the numbers of youth and adults who need YOUR skills to thrive. Empowering them with your Skills, Knowledge and Experience that can not be learnt from within the four walls of a classroom can improve thousands of lives.



Start earning a recurring revenue with your skills

We give you everything you need to sell your premium mentorship in nuggets on auto without overwhelm.

Host live events & get paid by attendees

Influence the morning routine of thousands of subscribers worldwide

Re-use your premium content to impact new and fresh subscribers

Offer In-app purchases like Courses, Events, Challenges, Podcasts, & Physical Products

Everything well-organized

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