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Eden Onwuka is an international John C. Maxwell certified coach and conveyer of ‘A woman and Half’.

She’s an executive coach who focuses on personal development.
Her calling is to help you find your calling.

Eden teaches, inspires and guide purpose discovering, relationship building and emotional healing.

Why die in silence when you can live life to the fullest?

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Eden A. Onwuka, fondly known as ‘The Sage’ is an international John C.Maxwell certified speaker and trainer who delivers keynote speeches and coaching to aid personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods.

As a relationship expert Eden is focused on:

✓Helping individuals gain clarity and confidence to live life on purpose.
✓Building healthy and more grounded relationship.
✓ Assisting in overcoming obstacles and providing the foundation for them to fulfill their dreams.
✓Helping individuals resolve their personal issues.
✓Building a growth strategy for your relationships.

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