Hey Prime Nuggets Mentor,
Congratulations! You are invited to join our promotions program!

Prime Nugget’s Marketing Programs offers several optional marketing programs in which you can choose to participate.These programs can help increase your revenue potential on Prime Nugget by finding the optimal price point for your nuggets and promoting them through additional marketing channels. There is no up-front cost to participate in the program, and you can modify your participation status at any time. However, changes you make will not apply to currently active campaigns. The program is subject to the terms of our Promotions Policy, so you should read it carefully.

When you join the promotions program, your nuggets will be offered at a price solely determined by Prime Nuggets Platform. This price point is usually determined by analytics and niche power. We reserve the right to change the price at any given time. Promotions Programs also permits Prime Nuggets to offer your nugget for a discount of up to 50% of the Base Price. Prime Nuggets has a network of affiliate sites and established relationships with third-party deal sites. We also have a team dedicated to placing paid digital advertisements. Through the Promotions Program, Prime Nugget leverages these partner sites and advertising platforms to promote your nuggets to new mentees. Prime Nuggets for Business (PNFB) collection is a subscription-based nugget collection available to business customers, featuring a select group of Prime Nugget’s top nuggets for professional and personal development skills. By opting into the Prime Nuggets for Promotions Program, you give Prime Nugget the ability to select your nugget for inclusion in the PNFB collection. When you join the Prime Nuggets Promotions Program you will earn 40% of net proceeds from the sales of your nuggets while Prime nuggets earn 60% of net proceeds.

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