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Earn passive, recurring income while guiding and influencing your subscribers worldwide.


All-in-one platform to sell your skills, go live & get paid

Automated Daily Mentoring videos

Your mentoring videos will be automatically delivered to your subscribers every morning.

Live Virtual Events

Create paid Live events and promote to your social media followers

Branded, Private Community

We provide your own branded loyalty Nuggets club for your subscribers

Sell everywhere

Prime Nuggets will provide you with all the tools you need for instant skills monetization. Your video nuggets will be sold on our website and mobile app.

You can request to update your custom-made sales pages, pricing, content, colors, naming etc just by sending us a message


Integrated with 50+ services

Prime Nuggets uses marketing and sales integrations to help you convert and retain subscribers easily.

Celebrate the listing of your mentoring videos on

Use a single dashboard to manage orders, users, payments, anywhere you go. Gain the insights and knowledge you need to grow. Explore how to manage your business.

Save up to 30% commission by selling through our web checkout

Start earning a recurring revenue with your skills

We give you everything you need to sell your premium mentorship in nuggets on auto without OVERWHELM

Host live events & get paid by attendees

Influence the morning routine of thousands of subscribers worldwide

Re-use your premium content to impact new and fresh subscribers

Offer In-app purchases like Courses, Events, Challenges, Podcasts, & Physical Products

Everything well-organized

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