Naomi Osemedua

Why be Local when you can be Global?

Naomi Osemedua also known as SPARKLE QUEEN, as she sprinkles her “Sparkle Effect” in everything she touches, is an Online Visibility Strategist who works with Online Entrepreneurs who are struggling with visibility and increasing their reach.

She instead, helps them gain clarity on their brand message, Be Seen & Heard not just locally but Globally so they can go from backstage to center stage and impact their world like only they can.

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01. Creating a new belief system for growth 5:00

02. Out with the old and in with the new - Ready for a fresh start. 5:00

03. The power of visualization 5:00

04. Do you have a vision board? 5:00

05. Master the Art of loving Silence 5:00

06. The miracle is in your daily routine 5:00

07. Activating the Mindset practice for consistent results 5:00

Naomi Osemedua

Why be Local when you can be Global?

Naomi is a renowned coach and global speaker who has featured in high impact events and spoken on stages across four continents.

From Nigeria, to Egypt, to India, to USA, Naomi has impacted thousands of entrepreneurs and personal brands with her public speaking and story-telling talent.

These daily video capsules will help you on the path to fulfilling your purpose as you hone your craft and launch a truly global brand leveraging Live Videos.

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