Our Platform helps foster the bond between your Personal Brand and your Social media followers while generating passive recurring income ON auto for you!

Prime Nuggets

An Inner Circle For Your 1% True Fans On Social Media

All About Prime Nuggets

The Problem

How Can You Effectively IMPACT & MONETIZE 90% of your Social Media Followers without Overwhelm? 

Your Social Media followers need your expertise beyond your daily social media posts.

They need your premium skills to influence their lives and Businesses BUT 80% of them cannot afford your Premium Coaching.

Even if 100% sign up for your coaching services, it is humanely impossible to offer excellent across-board services to more than 15 clients simultaneously without overwhelm or drop in quality.

Yet your follower count keeps growing.

When they buy your courses, they do not complete the courses because life happens and the course completion rates and intended impact drops heavily.

How then, can you impact your followers better and monetize your TRUE FANS to generate passive recurring income without overwhelm?

The Solution 

Introducing PRIME NUGGETS….

Prime Nuggets is a system to ENGAGE, MONETIZE and  RETAIN your community of TRUE FANS.

Prime Nuggets helps you to automatically deliver premium coaching content that is not available on any other platform (Email, Newsletter, Social Media etc) to the mobile phones of subscribed followers every morning.

This helps to re-define the morning routine of entrepreneurs and greatly impact their businesses and Lives as they now have access to premium content that will grow their businesses daily.

In return, they pay a low-price, No-objection token as their monthly subscription fee. This neatly generates an 8-figures monthly recurring revenue for you across 80% of your followers as you re-purpose the same content. 

This way, the same content will be automatically used for a new follower who gets subscribed and you continually earn from same content while creating a greater bond in a vibrant and private Prime community with your true paying fans.

How To Get Started

Your Prime Nuggets shall be automatically delivered as your premium coaching tips in clean, precise and influential 5 minutes videos.

All we will need from you are:

1. The Videos (We have a state-of-the-art recording studio in Lagos to record all needed videos in one day)

2.  Your Business Logo

3.  Your Nuggets Name

4. Your Tribe Slogan

Features That Matter

The Reasons You & Your Followers will Love PRIME Nuggets!

Generate Passive Recurring Income

80% of your followers will gladly subscribe to your premium nuggets annually for a token. This is a sure way to to monetize your social media foilowers


Create Passive, Recurring income without the overwhelm of Book writing or Online courses launch

Automated Nugget Delivery

Influence the morning routine of thousands of entreprenurs by delivering premium nuggets to them on AUTO everyday

Cement The Bond With Your Followers

Embrace world-class technology that protects and transports your content with the speed-of-light to your followers any where in the world that they may be.

Re-Purpose Your Content Daily

Re-use your premium content to impact new and fresh tribe members/followers. There is no pressure to keep churning out new content, this greatly eliminates overwhelm

Launch Other Products Effectively

Apart from your Prime Nuggets, Our platform helps you to instantly launch your Courses, Events, Challenges, Podcasts, & Physical Products to your Prime Community of ready-to-buy subscribers. This helps you instantly sell out any future merchandise.

Start Your Day Right

Entrepreneurs can now start their mornings on the best frequency after consuming a PRIME Nugget from YOU first thing in the morning.

A Safe Haven For Like Minds

Entrepreneurs can network and mingle with like-minds with the same interest in your PRIME Nugget community

No Poverty

When Businesses thrive, Poverty flees. Businesses grow faster and lasts longer when properly mentored. PRIME Nuggets will help connect YOU to entrepreneurs and Individuals for proper guidance.

True Empowerment

PRIME Nuggets can greatly increase the numbers of youth and adults who need YOUR skills to thrive. Empowering them with your Skills, Knowledge and Experience that can not be learnt from within the four walls of a classroom can improve thousands of lives.

Bond Without Stress

Social media followers can finally bond with you and receive personalized content that will have positive impact on their businesses and lives in a vibrant community without causing you OVERWHELM

Beat The Algorithim

Interactions among your Nuggets subscribers is neither affected nor regulated by the whims and caprices of Social Media algorithm. It is 100% parallel communication between you and your true fans.

We Monetize Your Brand on Auto

Your Followers In Your Palm

Be always available at your follower's fingertips. If your follower is thinking about your services all they need to do is click on your Nuggets on their mobile phones.

Passive Recurring Income

Manage your subscribers from one location and boost loyalty with your own inner circle. Monetize premium videos to only your subscribers and generate passive recurring income with our technology every month.

Your Own Loyal Community

We provide your own loyalty Nuggets club. Which customers are most likely to buy from you again? Your existing customers. Then, why not make them feel special and invite them into your exclusive Nuggets club and provide exclusive deals and content to them?

Live Stats Anywhere

Easily view back end analysis like Total Numbers of Subscribers, Earnings, Favorite Nuggets easily

Beautiful User Interface

Fully Branded to you With your White labelled Nuggets area, you will always be at your client's fingertips. You can get your own branded Nuggets Subscribers area with your Nuggets name and Brand Logo. Fully Customizable Customize your Nuggets background image, profile image and general color theme. You'll also be able to customize the sidebar menu items and change their names!

Your PRIME Nuggets Features

Everyone needs a little bit of your expertise to start their day right!

Manage Payments

Get payments for items you wish to sell and also the membership plans to your PRIME Nuggets club.

Exclusive Calendar

Share your exclusive events to your PRIME Nuggets club subscribers for free or make them paid!

Fully Customizable

Customize your PRIME Nuggets club background image, profile image and general color theme. You can also customize the sidebar menu items and change their names!

Monetize Your Content

Sell your Content. Sell your videos, photos, documents, courses and membership plans in your exclusive PRIME Nuggets
club area!

Add Features as you wish

Extend without Redeploying - add more functionality to your Nugget area without rebuilding and redeploying anything!

Fully Branded to you

Whitelabelled Nugget area. Be at your client's fingertips. You can get your own branded Nugget area with your unique name and logo icon.

Why We Do This?

Philosophy We Strive For

We believe Coaches and influencers make the world a better place by positively influencing the people around them, therefore, no expert should ever go broke.

Our vision is to empower EXPERTS with state-of-the-art TECH to generate consistent recurring income without stress and overwhelm while bridging the gap between them and their ideal followers any where in the world they may be. 

Skills We Use

Micro Learning 95%
Product Design 89%
Passive Income Generation 97%
Commmunity Development 90%

Team Members



Founder PRIME Nuggets International


Gbemmy Oyekan

Country Manager PRIME Nuggets Nigeria

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